The Get To Know Me Tag ~ Writer’s Edition

Hi! Another tag from your lovable blogger!! XD

Tag Rules:

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~Vital Stats And Appearance~

Name: Rachel Marie Cole *yuck*

Nickname: RaeMarie? Sonny to only one person. Only one. *glares at anyone who dares use the scared name*

Birthday: Uh………at some point…….time…………summer? July?? And it’s somewhere around the 23rd. That I’m certain of. Positive. Yeah, that is a definite……maybe…………….

Hair Color And Length: Red. With brown, white, blond, black, and rust. About waist length……………? I’ve never actually looked……………

Eye Color: Blue.

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: Never had braces. Had my ears pierced before I could remember. I never wear anything in the holes since I got older. I don’t like needles. So definitely no tattoos.

Righty Or Lefty: Right. But slightly ambidextrous. Kinda. *More definitely a double-dealer* *winks* (Go look ambidextrous up)

Ethnicity: Huh?! Oh yeah……….! What am I! Elf. But I can shape shift into a dragon or a Mustang. Depends on my mood at the time.


First Novel Written: None. Unless you count a FanFiction series I did on The A-Team. I never published it……..or actually even completed it………*starts digging though mounds of paper surrounding beanbag*

First Novel Completed: None. I am determined to finish my current WIP though. Hopefully over the winter. (More posts on that coming soon)

Award For Writing: None. Unless an A in school for a short story counts.

First Publication: My first job at the Mansfield Mirror newspaper. I wrote articles on various subjects around Hartville, Missouri. Also, Promises. Thanks to, I almost got killed for killing The A-Team. *grins slyly at the memory*

Conference: Realm Makers next year!!! *Fingers crossed*

Query/Pitch: What is query/pitch……….? Did I mention that I am a novice in the professional writing realm? XD


Novel (That You Wrote): FanFiction series?

Genre: Fantasy!!!!! Very well written historical fantasy fiction. Fairy tale retellings.

Author: Okay. I’m going to be a fan girl for a second……..My favorite author is Hope Ann. *runs hands lovingly over Burning Rose* I can’t wait for her next book!!!

Second favorite author, Nadine Brandes. Fawkes, Maskes, treason, and history!

Writing music: Piano Guys and For King And Country.

Time To Write: I prefer morning, but work schedule kinda complicates that. On the weekends I try to write in the morning, but most days I write at night.

Writing Snack/ Drink: Hot chocolate and smarties.

Movie: Avengers, Age Of Ultron. Thor (all of them). Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. The Chronicles Of Narnia. Brave. Tangled. Jurassic World. The Greatest Showman.

Writing Memory: Spending time on the couch with my big sister and writing stories with her. She was my first mentor and encourager. She introduced me to the world of Fiction and FanFiction.

Childhood Book: A Tangled Web by L. M. Montgomery.


Reading: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. My first Sanderson book!! And I have fallen in love! I also started my fall reading list. You can check out my list

Writing: Two short stories: My Dad Left, Flag Came Home and Cursed, Always And Forever;

Listening To: For King and Country’s Crave album. Light It Up is the best song!

Watching: NCIS. Gibbs, Fornell, and Ziva are my favorite. Most of the episodes are taken from actual NCIS cases.

Learning: To control my emotions. To think of others. I may be an INFP, but that doesn’t mean I have to act like an emotional freak.


Want To Be Published: Definitely!! I don’t have an idea yet on when, but I am hoping for sometime in the next year or two.

Indie Or Traditional: Traditional. I think. I’m still researching the pros and cons on both.

Wildest Goal: Own a ranch in Montana with wild mustangs and cattle. Lots of land. Lots of horses. Enough cattle to stay alive. It sounds like heaven……………

So now that you know a bit more about me, let’s here from some other bloggers!


R M Archer

Ozark Mountain Cailins-Ashley

Hope Ann

The four Bloggers I know XD.

Anything else you want to know?

Hope y’all are having a good day!



7 thoughts on “The Get To Know Me Tag ~ Writer’s Edition

  1. I just did this one, also tagged by Catwing! XD My my, the wider a tag goes, the smaller become the circles.
    Great answers. ‘Specially the favorite author. *wink wink*


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