Preptober Prompts Week 2, Day 2!

Eeekkkk!!!!!! It’s 10:30 at night and this still hasn’t posted!!!! Some days I really miss the days of childhood, the days of non-existing stress of not having WiFi……….and why didn’t I just say non-stressful…………..*rolls eyes at self* *stares cross-eyed at screen* I am so tired……….

So here it is folks!!!!!!

By R. M. Archer

Rebekkah’s favorite autumn outfit is her blue woolen dress and her brown cloak. Soft, comfortable, and cut to enable her freedom of movement, she is able to ride and train with ease. Her other dresses seem so stiff, but her blue one………maybe it’s because the material is reused from her Mother’s dress. The dress still faintly smells of home. Just faintly. If she closes her eyes tightly and imagines her home. She never really thought about tasting it. That would be really weird, just plain weird………

The dress wouldn’t be complete without her belt around her waist. With Klaus’ help, she had made it, and it is sturdy enough to hold her dagger and small purse without it pulling or being too tight. Her brown cloak keeps her weapons concealed and helps her blend in with the surrounding trees. It’s also great for warmth. Can’t forget that. 🙂

I can’t wait to share more of Rebekkah’s life with y’all as I prepare my outline!!!

See ya tomorrow!



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