Preptober Prompts Week 2, Day 3!!

By R. M. Archer

Describe a coffee shop using all five senses…………okay, well, let’s give this a try. Pardon the sarcasm, the short post, and limited description. *grins*

1). The air tastes like coffee. *yuck*

2). It’s always a sauna inside. No matter what. Period. It’s hot.

3). It’s dark inside. And it has coffee stuff everywhere. Walls. Ceiling. Floor.

4). The music……….dorky. Like ridiculous. So stupid.

5). It smells like coffee. Duh. It’s a coffee shop. What else would it smell like?

So, how’d y’all like my third Preptober Prompt? How would y’all describe a coffee shop?

Cya tomorrow!!!



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